Monday, June 25, 2012

Miss CA: Day 3

Today was our first official rehearsal on stage with the whole crew!  We started rehearsing at 9AM this morning at the Saroyan Theater and it was brutal trying to learn all that choreography, but we did it!  Cassie, our amazing choreographer, does a fantastic job every year and she has not failed us this year either!  It took us pretty much all morning to fully learn all the dance moves as a group, but since after our rehearsal this afternoon, we all are having a blast and the dance numbers are so much fun!  Can't wait for you all to see the show!  Below is a video the local Fresno news Channel 30 made about what's going on in Fresno and how the festivities are bringing BIG money into the city.  I guess they have had a slow year in tourism, revenue, etc.  But I mean, who hasn't these day, right? It's great to know that the Miss CA Org. brings in a lot of business into Fresno.  The whole video is great, but I want you to click in at 1:37 to watch me concentrate really hard on learning the dance! :)

In between our dance rehearsals, we got to visit the Rotary Cub of Fresno! We got to have lunch and visit with the members there!  Rotarians are always a hoot and today they definitely made their mark!  The out-going president of the Fresno Rotary was have a "roast" session at this event.  The whole club made up a huge skit to make fun and joke about him and his accomplishments.  The "roast" was full of inside jokes that none of us contestants really understood, but it was still so fun to watch!  It is always fun to visit with people that give so much to others!  I truly believe in their motto "Service Above Self" and I am proud to know them!  The Rotary club will always have a special place in my heart because the Garden Grove Rotary Club sponsored me at Miss CA last year and helped me grow and blossom from all the experiences that came with it.  Thank you Rotary!

Tomorrow is the first preliminary night!  I will be performing on my harp and I am SO looking forward to it! Keep your fingers crossed! :)

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