Saturday, June 23, 2012

Miss CA: Day 1

Hello World!

Yes, I am here safe and well!  I arrived in Fresno with Miss Culver City, Marina Inserra with 2 suitcases and 2 garment bags.  Yes, I travel compact and prepared! That's good practice for the job of Miss CA! :)

Day one is not over yet, I have more to write tonight!  But so far, today has been a blast!  All 58 of us went to the Fresno City Hall to meet Mayor Ashley Swearengin and take photos of course!  The Miss CA Organization has taken place in Fresno for the past 19 years, so we have a pretty good legacy here!  Every year it is tradition to visit the city hall with a gift that represents you and the title you are representing.  Now, Fresno and Southern California both have lots of sun, but I’m lucky to have the sun AND the beach!  This year, I brought the mayor a CD with sounds of the ocean and a summer-style cup for a refreshing drink.  She obviously has a very stressful job, so having a way to escape to paradise is always nice!

While at the city hall, I got to reunite with so many familiar and new faces.  All of the contestants this year are such dear and genuine young women.  I am proud to call them my sisters.

With my favorite food in the
world (other than Thai Food): 
The Bacon Cheeseburger!
After the event at City Hall, we headed to lunch and to a very unexpected location I might add!  We actually got to eat lunch at The Habit BURGER grill!  WHAT?!  Pageant girls eating burgers?? I mean, I know I do, but it was so nice to eat a burger even when competing for Miss CA!  If you know me, you should already know what kind of burger I got.  Of course I got a bacon cheeseburger!  Thank you, Habit for feeding us your custom-made and fresh burgers! I am a happy girl right now!

Our day has not ended yet! We are attending a delicious BBQ at a beautiful mansion here in Fresno! This event will be sponsored by the Fresno Kiwanis Club and I look forward to meeting all the members!  Stay tuned for more!
*        *        *       *
Okay it is late and I should not be writing on my blog, but I just wanted you keep you all updated on how the BBQ went.  First of all, there was Karaoke! Caylynn Simonson (my roommate) and I sang Shania Twain's "Man, I Feel Like A Woman" and it was a blast! Thanks for singing with me, Caylynn!  The BBQ was hosted by the Lester Family, which has been a huge supporter of the Miss CA Organization for many years and they always have held this BBQ at their home.  The food was hosted by the Fresno Kiwanis Club and they were so generous! They are good cooks!
By the end of the BBQ, Noelle had a genius idea to make a little music video!  To the Miss CA judges... Won't you pick me, for Miss Cali, maybe? :)

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