Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Let the countdown begin....

Today marks exactly 1 MONTH until I leave for Fresno!  SO EXCITING! It's so hard to believe that a whole year has gone by since the last time I stood on the Miss CA stage!  This year I am in the Beta competition group, which is one of four groups.  There are 58 contestants competing this year, so splitting into multiple groups makes the competition more organized and entertaining!  Each group has it's own order of competition, so take a look at what I'll be doing during my exciting week in Fresno!
I hope I can cross "Southern" off my title in June and make it: 
Miss Southern California 2012! ;)

SUNDAY: Interview (AM)

Note:  (Talent) my harp is bigger and better...this photo was taken at my
first pageant in 2004!, (Swimsuit) I will not be wearing that
particular suit even though it's my favorite, and (Evening
Gown) I will be wearing a different gown and I
will NOT have the huge 15 year-old bangs either :)
SATURDAY: Final Night!
This is where they announce the top 12 and then will crown the new 
Miss California 2012!
Keep your fingers crossed! There is only room for improvement! :)

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

3 Caps and Crowns

Graduation is here and the "3 Caps and Crowns" are ready to go!  Yes, there are THREE Miss CA contestants graduating from Cal State Fullerton all at once!  Our caps are rhinestoned (with Miss America crowns of course) and our gowns and sashes are ironed!  The three Miss CA contestants graduating from Cal State Fullerton this year are me, Courtney Trouten (Miss NorCal 2012), and Whitney Leyva (Miss Fullerton 2012).  I must quote Courtney because she said it the best (I got this from her blog):
First off I must say that I find it remarkable that there are four girls from Cal State Fullerton who are competing up in Fresno (Including Miss Southland who is a Junior). This just shows how CSUF truly helps to produce outstanding women within our communities. What is even more impressive is that the Titans had six girls up in Fresno last year competing for the title of Miss California. With the four wonderful ladies competing this year from CSUF I like our chances of have a Titan Miss California.
Copyright: Doug Hikawa Photography
I am proud to be a Titan Girl! It's amazing how fast the past 4 years have gone by!  Maybe more years of school are in my near future.  As most people know, college tuition is practically unbearable so I'm hoping to win Miss CA this year so that I can get that scholarship boost to help me get my Masters Degree!
I have had the busiest, most fulfilling, and fun 4 years of my life so far!  I look forward to where God's plan will take me in June!

I want to talk about the significance of the phrase "cap and crown."  This phrase is so significant in my life because the reward I earn in the Miss America Org. is scholarship money.  The image pictured on the left sums it up so well.  The scholarships I have earned during the past 7 years in my experience in MAO has played a HUGE part in helping me afford college! "Scholarship" is just one of the 4 points of the Miss America Crown (the other 3 are Service, Style, Success) and I am so glad that I can apply the "point" of Scholarship in my life even more! I am so proud to be a Titan AND a Miss America girl!

I forgot to mention that even though I was never a part of a Sorority on campus, I am a part of the nation's BEST Sorority: Mu Alpha Omega (Miss America Organization).  This sorority keeps me just as busy as any other sorority does.  It may have made me even more busy, especially with the hard work it takes in order to succeed in this organization.  I am so lucky to have the MAO sisters I have!  I don't have any biological sisters, but this organization makes up for it for sure!  I have my Miss CA sisters and my National Sweetheart sisters--who are some of the nation's top young women that the Miss America Org. has produced (and I'm proud to be one of them!).  Once a Mu Alpha Omega girl, ALWAYS a Mu Alpha Omega girl!! :)

Back to graduation, I can't wait to graduate with Courtney and Whitney!! YAY!
We are 3 excited and proud Caps and Crowns!
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These fun photos were taken by the one and only talented Doug Hikawa! Thanks, Doug!