Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I am truly grateful....

This is an ever-growing list of people that have made an impact in my life.  I feel that when going through such an important and high-stakes competition like Miss CA, that it's essential to count my blessings.  To those on this list: Thank you for being in my life!  You all are people that I will be thinking about as I am onstage in Fresno.  You are the people that I am doing this for and you are the people that keep me going.  Thank you for influencing me to do my best and always be myself.  I hope to make you all proud at Miss CA!

This list is in alphabetical order by first name and it is still being updated!
Love you all!

Mom and Dad (they’re always first)
Ariel Justice
Arlo Jorgensen
Art Meacham
Barbara and Russell Bell
Bill and Betty Farish
Camille Knecht
Chasta Nechvatal
Connie Lema
Daisy James
Damon Johnson
David and Marsha Stamper
Dean and Mira Anderson
Diane Wurtz
Doreen and Bill Witty
Dorothy Rose
Ellie Choate
Ernest Koneck
Flo and Larry Kelley
Grama and Grampa Elder
Grama and Grampa Johnson
Jeff and Bev Cecil
Jeff and Cyndi Jones
Jen Brooks
Jennifer Gallo
Jessica Becker
Jessica Tonti and Family
Jill and Larry Leslie
Joe Whiteko
Judy and John Crowder
Kalawai James
Kandee and Marc Anderson
Kati and Joe Enea
Keith Tibbitts
Kristi Sexton
Kristi Winn
Laura Brodowski
Mary Opperman
Melissa Mattingly
Michael and Kerry Caldwell
Mindy Schreiber and Family
Noelle Freeman
Patti Peterson
Patti Wunderlich
Paula Brown
Remy and Darek
Rick and Kim Nitta
Robert Batey
Ryan and Heather Dickens
Sherry Cain
Stacy Margolin
Steve Velez
Sweetheart Girls
Teresa Scanlan
Terry Dickens
The Cypress LDS Stake
The Garden Grove LDS Stake
The Garden Grove Rotary Club
The Hikawa Family
The Kerstner Family
The Margolin Family
The Tibbitts Family
Tom Moletteire
Veena Goel Crownholm
Wanda Reyes
Wendy Smith and Family

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