Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Let the countdown begin....

Today marks exactly 1 MONTH until I leave for Fresno!  SO EXCITING! It's so hard to believe that a whole year has gone by since the last time I stood on the Miss CA stage!  This year I am in the Beta competition group, which is one of four groups.  There are 58 contestants competing this year, so splitting into multiple groups makes the competition more organized and entertaining!  Each group has it's own order of competition, so take a look at what I'll be doing during my exciting week in Fresno!
I hope I can cross "Southern" off my title in June and make it: 
Miss Southern California 2012! ;)

SUNDAY: Interview (AM)

Note:  (Talent) my harp is bigger and better...this photo was taken at my
first pageant in 2004!, (Swimsuit) I will not be wearing that
particular suit even though it's my favorite, and (Evening
Gown) I will be wearing a different gown and I
will NOT have the huge 15 year-old bangs either :)
SATURDAY: Final Night!
This is where they announce the top 12 and then will crown the new 
Miss California 2012!
Keep your fingers crossed! There is only room for improvement! :)

Click HERE for more pictures....

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